Comment from: Eric Slack [Visitor]
Eric SlackTony,
Kudos for creating a discussion about the future of SAN storage. I see your point, that the near term future of the traditional FC SAN will be one of incremental innovation. But what about other technologies that can be used in some of the same applications?
One that I think is really interesting is ATA over Ethernet (AoE). Pretty disruptive stuff.
More info here.

Eric Slack - Storage-Switzerland
10/24/10 @ 02:41
Comment from: Tony Asaro [Member] Email
Hey Eric - well AoE is interesting. I certainly like the concept. And I think there are some great innovations in storage and there will be more over the next five years. AoE may well be a major innovation that incrementally improves things. However, I am not convinced that it will change the game for storage. Part of my point is that the market itself doesn't lend itself to massive change. Generally, customers of technology are not risk takers and will stick with what they already know. A storage startup with new innovations and technologies will take a 5, 7, 10 year journey to hopefully get to an IPO and/or acquisition. I think Data Domain on the D2D backup side is a game changer but we have no equivalent on the primary storage side. It is a harder problem to solve and is a "red ocean". Data Domain had a blue ocean. That isn't to say that there won't be another EqualLogic or 3PAR - which any startup would be pleased with. But from a market impact point of view - I don't see a game changer on the horizon. I do however believe the game can change in the NAS market but it won't be by building a "better box" or file system - we've seen that "movie" and we know the ending.

10/25/10 @ 09:58

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