Comment from: JimG [Visitor]
JimGNice review Tony, should probably read "An Analysis of Gartner's lack of Analysis". Maybe you were just too polite.
04/11/13 @ 04:35
Comment from: Tony Asaro [Member] Email
Thank you Jim. I rarely am told I am too polite - haha. I am not a Gartner "hater" and feel they do play a role in the industry. They dropped the ball big time on this. I really don't see how anyone can get any real value out of their latest Storage MQ.
04/16/13 @ 16:47
Comment from: Luigi [Visitor]
LuigiI agree with you here. Very nicely put.
04/23/13 @ 23:33
Comment from: CarlinaD [Visitor]
CarlinaDThanks for this "analysis." I'm disappointed, though. I was really hoping Gartner's MQ would give me some insight on this.
04/24/13 @ 21:44
Comment from: Todd A Johnston [Visitor] Email
Todd A JohnstonAppreciate the matter of facts and willingness to call out "Gartner" bloat vs. insights. It's lacking in many capacities however, it a start.

Perhaps 1st base. Look forward to you're continued storage "net net"

10/15/13 @ 16:16

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